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I. Paws Training Videos & Best Practices

  1. Paws Training Videos
  2. Best Practices Webinar
  3. 5-Minute Walkthroughs
  4. Priority Lead Dashboard PowerPoint Presentation.pps
  5. Priority Lead Dashboard Video
  6. 10 Steps to High Conversion.pdf
  7. Performance Dashboard Video
  8. Success Summit Tips and Tricks from Top Tigers!


II. General Information for Licensees and Agents

  1. Performance Dashboard FAQs
  2. Information about adding a new agent or loan officer / adding a new Paws user
  3. Information about attending a training session; or go directly to our training link:
  4. Information about account types


III. The Paws System - The Basics & Getting Started

  1. Creating Jump Links with your Apex site
  2. Paws Training and Best Practices Video - Make sure you're logged into your Paws account first!
  3. Sending emails - "add email from my account", add an attachment, add a photo to my signature
  4. Email bounce codes
  5. Sending bulk email
  6. Whitelisting e-mail and adding to the Safe Sender list


IV. The Paws System - Managing Leads

  1. Lead assignment Feature available to licensees only
  2. Moving existing leads into your Paws account
  3. The lead welcome email
  4. Updating lead contact information
  5. Duplicate leads and how to handle them
  6. Unsubscribe a lead / discard a lead / turn off listing alerts
  7. Logging in as a lead/ Saving changes in Paws


V. The Paws System - Advanced Features

  1. Lead price preferences
  2. How do I know if a lead has opened my e-mail?


VI. Marketing with TigerLead and Additional Marketing Outside of TigerLead

  1. Integrating the TigerLead site into existing branded sites